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Nepali song writer!

Posted by Baburam on July 8, 2007

cimg0496.jpgBorn in sunsari in the east and brought up in Neplajunj in the west Baburam dahal was the only son in a family of seven.”It is a lot of tension,” he explains about being the only son,”there is a lots of responsbility and lots of expectation.I was never pampered though.”

The dahals, a mediocre family,struggled to educate their children.Baburam in the school was a very active boy participating in all extra- curricular activities.Often,he would be sent to represent the school.Dramatics intrested him through the poetry which he began writing in his early teens drew futre.

In the early 90s,Baburam came to Kathmandu to seek his fortune,looking for an opportunity.He found a job as an assistan accounatant while training to be an actor.”Through theatre,I hoped to meet people,”he states.He did.He met Om prateek through whom he came to know of ‘clap’.

‘Clap’is a movie -based programme aired on Nepal Television every Saterday evening.Baburamwas involved in the birth of the programme.he worked as scripterwriter then but now has begun to supervise script and episode direction.He began to meet the inhabitants of Kolly-wood.

His carreer as a songwriterbegan accidentally,he laughs.he was at a shooting for ‘Bar-peepal’where Yuvaraj Lama and Dayaram Dahal were discussing about the song.”I just quipped that it wasn,t difficult see and recited a four line poem off the top of my head.Yubaraj lama was impressed with the four lines and asked me for the whole poem.I gave it ,”he narrates sinply.The four line poem grew into a hit song ‘Dui Panchi’ composed by Shambhujit Banskota.baburam had began on an unknown joureney to an unknown destination.

He wrote for two more cinemas experimenting with situational songs and folk beat.Then he hit Jackpot with ‘Chatta Rumal kya Malum…’

Chatta Rumal kya Malum..esttablished his fame overnight as a commercial songwriter.”It has become my certificate of credibility,” he says with amusement.It brought back the flok genere into nepali cinema.”

The lyrics of the song seem quite ridiculous at the first but Baburam expalins,”I was in Nepalgunj at the time where the Nepali Indian an army men were shopping.I picked up their language,their way of speaking and transformed it into a song.”Alternating the dialect with the regular Nepali language.Baburam had never dreamed that it would be the song of his career.

Besides such songs,Baburam has also written title songs but his carreer is based on romantic numbers.Situational tracks are thrown in at times but these are based on the circumstances of the movie and are not aired in the media so much.”I have written songs for 50 movies now.”says 27 years old who belives in creating a balance between modern and folk.”you have got to strike a balance.You have to cater to the diffrent kinds of audience.When you get the right mix,it is  a new genere,a cock tail of sorts.”

Probably the most diffcult song that the he wrote in his two year career was for Muna Madan,he shares.”To be writing a song that will be sung with the words written by Mahakabi Laxmi prasad Devkota itself is an honour.I didn,t know what to be a situational song sung by Madan in Tibet during Lhosar after he has earned plenty of money .”This song was Chyaboni Aji Chyaboni”.”I had to strike a balance between comrichness of the text”,he adds.

baburam wrote many songs that are lost.When a movie is flop,the songs are rarely aired.he says.He coordinated the songs of the japanese writer Yasuhiro Kishimoto into Nepali.

Of the 5o movies he has written songs for ,only 1o have been registered at Radio nepal.”No I never received any royalty,”he says.”producers don,t register your song and nobody ever broaches the topic even,”he smiles.”I mean you write for sake of writing here.I write according to music given or I write and let music ne made.

To celebrate his achievement,Baburam has no concrete plans yet but the future hopefully holds more songs for him.


Baburam’s 50
1.Bar peepal
4.Maan ko raja
6.Chananchhu ma rimilai nai
9.Mero maaf gari deu
10.Angalo angaloma
11.Malai maaf gari deu
14.Prem yudha
17.man mandir
18.Muna madan
19.Anjan ma maya basla hai
20.Shahid gate
22.Sukha Dukha
26.Ye mero hajur
28.Pheri arko saino
29.unako samjhanama
30.Kahin milan kahin bichhod
31.Meri aama
32.Mama ghar
37.Bar mala
41.Khya khyalaima
47.Ko aafno ko parai
49.Bhannai sakina

feture written by abha (from Himalayan times)


9 Responses to “Nepali song writer!”

  1. sakura said

    wow its really a intresting. I salute to him Mr.Dahal Baburam for his great contribution to nepali movies sector.allthe best for his future carrier i wanna say him BE THE BEST AMONG THE BEST.

  2. cheeju said

    Very nice blog n very hard work that i know about blogging & writing an articles as well as songs, poems, gazals……..
    Keep it up….. with updating new articles. wish you a grand success.

  3. Rita said

    Wow!! That’s great!!
    I had been in contact with u from so many months and yet u let me know about ur great creations!! NOw I realise U have a very simple and humble heart.
    U r just too good not only as a writer but also as a good frend.
    I am proud to be ur frend.

  4. mehesh said

    dherai dherai subhakamana.

  5. babu ram ghimire said

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    • shaam kumar said

      Hlw Dai mero naam shaam Kumar Ho I am a Nepali song writer and singer mainle aafai le dherai songs likhe ko 6u can you help me my number is 009779825305885

  6. Mohan Bista said

    Baburam Ji,

    I really like your Chatta rumal kya malum sog. Me and wife with friends are going to dance coming NaseA usa’s conferance held by sept.20010.Again i love this sog.

  7. sujan said

    I have many song & I want to sell.

  8. Manohar said

    Does any one have this song (Nirdosh Anuhar ma Paap Dekhindaina, Dil Bhitra herna Ankha Chaina, Sang by Bhuwan KC, Music by Sambhujit Baskota

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