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How to use the right Japanese words for cooking

Posted by Baburam on July 16, 2007



Japanese has many kinds of cooking style and each method has it’s own unique way of cooking the food. Learn how to distinguish the differences between these cooking methods in Japanese can be very useful for learning Japanese cooking recipes.

Let’s start with the most basic way of cooking and that’s to boil. The Japanese verb for boiling something in Japanese is waku. Waku means to cook something using water.


Ane wa ima oyu wo waite imasu.

My sister is boiling hot water now.

Kono niku wo sanjikan waku to, yawaraku narimasu.

If you boil this meat for 3 hours, it will become soft.

Oyu mo wakasenai, anta ittai dou yatte ryouri suru no?

You can’t even boil hot water, how on earth are you going to cook?

The most popular and the healthiest way to cook is to steam your food. To steam your food you need to place your food over boiling water and close it with a lid (the steam or hot air will cook your food). The Japanese word for steaming is musu.

Watashi wa mushi buta ga daisuki!

I love steamed pork!

Tamago ha butaniku to isshoni musu to, sugoku oishiku narimasu yo.

If you steam the eggs together with the pork, it will be super delicious.

One of the most ways to cook is to fry your food. You will need abura (oil) to fry any food. The Japanese verb for frying is ageru.

Kono butaniku no agekata wo watashi ni oshiete kurenai?

Can you teach me how to fry this pork?

Watashi wa tabemono wo ageru yori, masu no hou ga kenkou teki to omoimasu.

I think it’s healthier to steam your food than to fry them.

Toufu wa sonna fuu ni ageru to, mazuku natte shimau zo.

If you fry the toufu that way, it will become horrible.

Copyright 2006 – Rippasama.

[picture taken by Donald Cook of Potrero, CA]



2 Responses to “How to use the right Japanese words for cooking”

  1. cheeju said

    Oisee ne Hunto ni Oisee………, Watashiwa sushi daisuki desuyo?. Aarigaatto gojaimasu.

  2. yumi said

    yummy! i like susi very much!

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