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Brit Says Okay to “OK!”

Posted by Baburam on July 22, 2007


“Toxic” trainwreck Britney Spears’ crazy really has hit the fan. TMZ has learned that the pop tartlet recently called up “OK!” magazine’s main number and asked for “OK!” Editor-in-Chief Sara Ivens. Miraculously, the mag’s receptionist believed it really was Brit-Brit, and she was patched through to Ivens.

It seems Brit wanted to talk biz and negotiate a tell-all interview with the magazine, and not surprisingly, Ivens agreed. Miss Brit-Brit is expected to dish on her beloved babies; her mama drama, the Fed-Ex, and more. The Britabulous issue is expected to hit stands next week, y’all.(taken from-IN THE ZONE)


4 Responses to “Brit Says Okay to “OK!””

  1. cheeju said

    very nice!!……go on man, it’s your turn……..

  2. himalibabu said

    nic pic..pls upload more photos…

  3. diana said

    very good a photo

  4. brayen said

    i love jou xxx

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