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Posted by Baburam on July 22, 2007

mino.jpgGuinness World Records’ Chief Operating Officer, Alistair Richards, pays a rare visit to Japan and meets TV’s most prolific live host, Mino Monta.

Norio Minorikawa, better known to millions of Japanese TV viewers as Mino Monta, received his official Guinness World Records certificate today for the Most hours on live TV in one week. In a ceremony held at the studios of TBS in Tokyo, GWR’s Chief Operating Officer, Alistair Richards, handed over the framed diploma to recognize Mino Monta’s gruelling schedule of live television broadcasting.

In a single week, the tireless host clocks up an incredible 21 hours and 42 minutes of live TV – a feat more than worthy of a Guinness World Record.

“Not only does he host the Japanese equivalent of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?,” says Alistair Richards, “Nino manages to fit in 11 live shows into his busy week, including his own daily afternoon show Omoikkiri TV ­ in which he issues his fans with advice on lifestyle, health and other matters – and Amazing Animals on Sunday nights.”

Mino Monta, a much-loved face on Japanese television, has had the honour of congratulating more Millionaire winners than any other host: the Japanese show (titled, literally, Quiz $ Millionaire) has had a record 20 contestants answer the final question correctly and bag the prize of 10,000,000 Yen (not a million dollars, sadly: closer to $86,000!).

Congratulations Mino!(taken-Guinness world record)


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