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Nepali song writer!

Posted by Baburam on July 8, 2007

cimg0496.jpgBorn in sunsari in the east and brought up in Neplajunj in the west Baburam dahal was the only son in a family of seven.”It is a lot of tension,” he explains about being the only son,”there is a lots of responsbility and lots of expectation.I was never pampered though.”

The dahals, a mediocre family,struggled to educate their children.Baburam in the school was a very active boy participating in all extra- curricular activities.Often,he would be sent to represent the school.Dramatics intrested him through the poetry which he began writing in his early teens drew futre.

In the early 90s,Baburam came to Kathmandu to seek his fortune,looking for an opportunity.He found a job as an assistan accounatant while training to be an actor.”Through theatre,I hoped to meet people,”he states.He did.He met Om prateek through whom he came to know of ‘clap’. Read the rest of this entry »


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